Word Bubbles is the most popular game on Lumosity. Released in 2007.

Word Bubbles/Word Bubbles Rising
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Verbal Fluency

A sequel to the game called Word Bubbles Rising (which also has been popular) was released in 30th June 2010


When you start the game, three letters will be displayed. You must write words that start with these three letters. You cannot use the same word twice. Each word you write advances the bubble which contains the number of letters. Therefore, if you write "snare" the bubble with the number 5 in it will move up. Any bubble that moves above the surface of the water becomes a star and earns you additional points.


At the end of the game, your scores are displayed, and then it says by how much your Verbal Fluency BPI has gone up or down. Hopefully, it will have gone up, causing a change in your overall BPI as well.

Differences between Word Bubbles and Word Bubbles RisingEdit

  • The last letter of the letter stem is removed when the timer hand reaches the fish in Word Bubbles Rising but it doesn't in Word Bubbles
  • There isn't a fish in Word Bubbles as there is in Word Bubbles Rising

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