Train of Thought is an Attention game in

It was released in 27/07/2013. The LPI of the game was launched in 18th December 2013


The 8-bit version of Train of Thought, shown on training reminders since October 2014

The object of the game is to switch the tracks to get the coloured train in the station of the appropriate color.

The game is organized into 14 levels, each corresponding with a uniquely colored train station, into which the player must guide the train. At the beginning of each level, the train leaves the "mountain tunnel", and emerges onto the track. From there, the player must flip a switch at each fork in the track in order to guide the train into the color-matched train station.

As you go higher, the number of trains you can manage goes higher and the trains come out of the tunnel faster.

The highest score reported is 90 trains.

Note: In the BETA version, carridges were included starting from Level 8, rather than multi-coloured trains

Level Train Color
1 -
2 -
3 Green
4 Yellow
5 Blue
6 Purple
7 White
8 Green and Black
9 Pink and White
10 Blue and Black
11 Green and Pink
12 Yellow and Black
13 Blue and Pink
14 Purple and Yellow
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