Speed Match is a Lumosity game in which you must determine whether each card is the same as the last one.

Speed Match
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Information Processing

First a symbol will be displayed. Another one will quickly be displayed and you will be asked to determine as quickly as possible whether or not it is the same as the last one. If you are wrong, it will count against your score, and otherwise you will gain points.

In May 2013, a new version of Speed Match is released with card flipping amination

Games similar to that gameEdit

  • Spatial Speed Match (except it has three circles and you have to guess if the blue dot is on the same circle as it was in the previous match)
  • Speed Match Overdrive (advanced [and more harder] version of the game)
  • Memory Match (except it has two-back)
  • Rhyme Workout (except it has words and you have to guess whether the previous word and the current word rhyme)
  • Face Memory Workout (except it has peoples' faces)
  • Memory Lane (except it has men in houses and you have to guess whether the windows and/or the letters they say match)
  • Memory Match Overload/Overdrive (a harder version of Memory Match that has three-back)
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  • In the old version of the game, each time you get an answer right, the noise being used is the same noise used in the Window game "3D Pinball Space Cadet" when you reach the black hole target (the noise is also used in Memory Match, Face Memory & Rhyme Workouts & Monster Garden [when you get the beetroot for an extra life].