Spatial Speed Match is a Information Processing game in It is similar to Speed Match, except it has three circles and you have to compare each position of the fully-coloured dot with the one that it was immediately before it. In 11th May 2013, a new version has been released, with card-flipping graphics, like Speed Match. Like Lost In Migration, Brain Shift, Brain Shift Overdrive, Chalkboard Challenge, Colour Match, Speed Match & Memory Matrix, the old version of the game has been removed and replaced with the new version in 9th August 2013

Spatial Speed Match

Game type


Game is for

Information processing

Release date

2009(Original), 11/05/2013 (2013 version)

It lasts 45 seconds.

How to Play:

  1. A symbol will appear on a card. Remember the symbol.
  2. Using your memory, compare each new symbol to the previous symbol.
  3. Tap the yes or no button to indicate whether they match.

Helps you:

  • Think faster
  • React quicker